RIES -Research Institute for Electronic Science, Hokkaido University Photonics and Optical Science Material and Molecular Sciences Biology and Life Sciences Green Nanotechnology Research Center Research Center of Mathematics for Social Creativity 北海道大学 北海道大学 オープンファシリティ ニコンイメージングセンター 国際連携推進室 Nano-Macro Materials, Devices and System Research Alliance

Standing at the edge of the 21st century, people of the world have a strong desire for more and more harmonious development of science technology and the importance of the academic research as a platform of science technology is snowballing. Our mission, as an affiliation to the university, is not only to promote original and creative researches for surpassing the international marks, but also to keep pioneering unknown regions of study. We, Research Institute for Electronic Science, Hokkaido University, are aiming to transcend the traditionally-systemized learning which has been predicated on physics, chemistry and mathematics and develop new electronic science fields obtaining aggressively the achievement from biological science.


Contact: Secretary of Director
E-mail: ries-sec@es.hokudai.ac.jp