Session1 "Photonics in Synthesis and Assembly of Functional Materials"

Photonics in functional materials is a field of rapidly increasing scientific and technological relevance. The further development in this field is incentivized by versatile applicability of light to the synthesis, manipulation and assembly of functional materials. This session highlights latest achievements in photonics and its related functional materials, with some emphasis on light-matter interaction, material synthesis and collective behavior of molecules.

Chair:Kenji HIRAI

Session2 "Assembly and Function for Novel Materials"

“One for all, all for one.”An effective approach to design novel functional materials is bottom-up and building-up. Bottom-up from effective components may demonstrate an outstanding performance. Building-up of unique and distinctive properties would achieve unprecedented functions. In this session, three experts will present beautiful assembled materials ranging from the fields of spintronics to biofunctional materials and pharmaceutical science. We hope that you can get to see many innovative approaches from their worlds of research.

Chair:Yuta TAKANO

Session3 "Frontiers in Nano-Bio Science and Technology"

Nano-Bio is the term that refers to the intersection and assembly of the nanotechnology and biology. The research field involves the application of nanotechnology to reveal the medical/biological problems and, conversely, the biologically inspired nanotechnology. This session will present and discuss the cutting-edge advances to uncover the biological systems and frontiers of the biomedical tools using nanotechnology.

Chair:Ryosuke ENOKI

Session4 "Dynamics in Multi-Scale Systems"

Over the past decade we have seen remarkable progress in studies of multi-scale systems ranging from microscopic molecular systems to macroscopic systems such as liquid crystals, fluid, and biological systems. To study such systems, interdisciplinary collaborations between theory and experiment are essential. We invited three experts coming from various disciplines to share some of the progress.

Chair:Hiroshi TERAMOTO