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International Workshop on Photons and Spins in Nanostructures (IWPSN)

日時 2009年7月27(月)9:20–18:00
場所 創成科学研究棟5階大会議室
ポスターセッションは27日(月)13:40–15:20 4階会議室(大会議室の直下)にて開催します。
タイトル International Workshop on Photons and Spins in Nanostructures (IWPSN)
主催 GCOE-NGIT異分野共同プロジェクト
共催 JST国際強化支援,電子科学研究所国際連携プロジェクト
連絡先 担当:末宗幾夫、isuemune@es.hokudai.ac.jp

7月19-24日に14th International Conference on Modulated Semiconductor Structuresというナノ関係の国際会議が神戸で開催されますが、北大はこの分野でアクティブに研究を進めている拠点の一つです。そこでこの機会に海外研究者ならびに国内研究者を北大に招聘し、北大のナノ関連研究者と最新の研究成果に関する研究発表・討論、さらにGCOEに参加している博士学生、修士学生、若手研究者に研究交流の機会を持っていただき、この分野の教育・研究の活性化と、将来への人材育成に資することを期待して、国際ワークショップを開催いたします。ふるってご参加ください。27日に行われるポスターセッションは、より広い分野での若手研究者による研究交流を期待しています。こちらへもご参加ください。

July 27(Mon)
9:20–9:40 Opening
Session (I) Chair (Shunichi Muto)
9:40–10:20 40min Maurice S. Skolnick University of Sheffield (UK)
Ultrafast control of dressed states and spins in a single quantum dot
10:20–11:00 40min Akihiro Murayama GS-IST
Magnetic semiconductor nanostructures; toward spin manipulation in semiconductor quantum structures
11:00–11:20 20min Break
Session (II) Chair (Akira Ishibashi)
11:20–12:00 40min Yasuaki Masumoto University of Tsukuba
Spin relaxation in charge tunable quantum dots
12:00–12:40 40min Sven M. Ulrich Universität Stuttgart (Germany)
Photon indistinguishability in the resonance fluorescence from a single semiconductor quantum dot in a microcavity
12:40–13:40 Lunch
13:40–15:20 Poster Session
Session (III) Chair (Artur Zrenner)
15:20–16:00 40min Jonathan Finley Technische Universität München (Germany)
Electrically tunable single dot nanocavities
16:00–16:30 30min Hideki Fujiwara RIES
Manipulation of modal properties in random structures
16:30–16:50 20min Break
Session (IV) Chair (Glenn Solomon)
16:50–17:30 40min Junichi Motohisa GS-IST
Near-infrared lasing in GaAs/GaAsP coaxial core-shell nanowires
17:30–18:00 30min Hidekazu Kumano RIES
Conversion of Photon polarization and exciton spins in Semiconductor Quantum Dots
18:00–19:30 Workshop Dinner
July 28(Tue)
Session (V)
9:20–10:00 40min Takashi Fukui RCIQE
III-V Semiconductor Nanowire Electronics
10:00–10:40 40min Takehiko Tawara NTT Basic Research Laboratories
Cavity mode emission in weakly coupled quantum-dot-cavity system: photon statistics and mode attraction
10:40–11:00 20min break
Session (VI)
11:00–11:40 40min Glenn Solomon NIST (USA)
Emission spectrum of a dressed exciton-biexciton system in a semiconductor quantum dot
11:40–12:20 40min Satoru Adachi Appl. Phys.
Nuclear spin dynamics in single quantum dots
12:20–14:00 Lunch
Session (VII) Chair (Jonathan Finley)
14:00–14:40 40min Artur Zrenner Universität Paderborn (Germany)
Coherent optoelectronics with quantum dots: From Rabi oscillations towards optoelectronic quantum gates
14:40–15:10 30min Kosei Ueno RIES
Plasmonics in Nanostructures
15:10–15:40 30min C. Hermannstädter Universität Stuttgart (Germany)
Time-resolved studies of electric field controlled charge carrier dynamics in lateral InGaAs quantum dot molecules
15:40–16:00 20min Break
Session (VIII) Chair (Yasunori Toda)
16:00–16:30 30min Dance Spirkoska Technische Universität München (Germany)
Adding functionality to GaAs nanowires: from prismatic heterostructures to band gap engineering with only one material
16:30–17:10 40min Ikuo Suemune JST-CREST,RIES
Superconducting photonics in semicondoctor nanostructures
17:10– Closing
  • P-1 Reina Kaji
    Exciton spin dynamics and polarization conversion in single quantum dots
  • P-2 Nobuyuki Ishida
    Spin-polarized tunneling between optically pumped GaAs(110) surface and spin-polarized tip
  • P-3 Tomohisa Nagata
    Torward high-fidelity operation of linear-optics quantum gates
  • P-4 Yuta Shiratori
    Demonstration of Reconfigurable BDD Logic Circuits using GaAs Nanowire Network
  • P-5 Chihoko Mizue
    Interface state characterization in insulator/AlGaN/GaN structures
  • P-6 Keita Konishi
    Fabrication and characterization of epitaxial graphene on 4H-SiC
  • P-7 Jae-Hoon Huh
    Cold Temperature ZEP520A Development for Suppression of Back-scattering Effect and Controlling of the Degree of Nb Side Etching
  • P-8 Yukie Yokota
    Study of surface-enhanced Raman scattering assisted by plasmonic enhancement effects
  • P-9 Takashi Fujii
    I-V hysteresis of Pr0.7Ca0.3MnO3 during TEM observation
  • P-10 Hideaki Takashima
    Analysis of input-output characteristic of fiber-coupled microsphere laser using rate equation models
  • P-11 Yu Tokizane
    Optical measurement technique for closed-loop-electron coherence using polarization vortices
  • P-12 Hideo Kaiju
    Fabrication and current-voltage characteristics of spin quantum cross devices
  • P-13 Masahiko Murata
    Controllable Dresselhaus-field in quantum wells with microscopic inversion symmetry
  • P-14 Shinpei Furukawa
    Time-resolved observation of nuclear spin pumping and diffusion dynamics in a single InAlAs quantum dot
  • P-15 Eisaku Kaji
    Spin-SEM observation of magnetic domain structure of magnetite surface
  • P-16 Katsuhiro Tomioka
    Heteroepitaxy of III-V nanowires on Si and optical application
  • P-17 Eri Ogawa
    Optical and electrical properties of Mg-doped GaN surfaces
  • P-18 Masaki Wada
    Decoherence of excitons in InAs quantum rings measured by Fourier spectroscopy
  • P-19 Md. Monirul Islam
    Amplification of surface-enhanced Raman scattering signals employing electrochemical redox cycling
  • P-20 Mingyu Jo
    Double-dot single-electron transistor fabricated in silicon nanowire on SOI substrate
  • P-21 Y. Ueno
    Coherent transfer of orbital angular momentum to excitons by optical four-wave mixing
  • P-22 Koji Yamada
    Temperature dependence of InAlAs/AlGaAs quantum dots
  • P-23 Taichi Mizuno
    Non-contact Atomic Force Microscopy Study of Magnetite(001) Surface
  • P-24 Masafumi Tajima
    Correlation between surface leakage conduction and performance degradation in AlGaN/GaN HEMT structures
  • P-25 Hideaki Nakajima
    Single photon interference of two polarization modes in a single quantum dot
  • P-26Masaki Kudo
    Characterization of MgO/Fe/MgO granular films grown in thermally oxidized Si substrate
  • P-27 Kosuke Tomoda
    Phase and spin relaxations of excitons in GaAs single quantum wells investigated by transient grating
  • P-28 Ryo Tomioka
    Fabrication of CNT-FET probe for scanning surface potential microscopy
  • P-29 Shuhei Kuramitsu
    Acceleration of Radiative Recombination in a Long-wavelength Light Emitting Diode induced by Cooper-pair Injection
  • P-30 Ryohei Tokuda
    Evaluation of a custom-made TEM holder generating in-plane magnetic field and its application on thin films showing magnetoresistance effect
  • P-31 Eri Maruyama
    Electro-optical Effect in High Aligned Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes
  • P-32 Sotaro Ida,Daimotsu Kato
    Luminescence Properties of InAs Quantum Dots Buried by Niobium and Analysis by Finite-Difference-Time-Domain Method
  • P-33 Naoya Yoshida
    STM/STS Study of Structural and Electronic Properties of the Cs/n- InAs(110) surface
  • P-34 Takashi Matsuda
    Possible Sign Reversal of Rashba Coefficient in InAs-based Heterostructures