The Second RIES-Hokudai Symposium uyoh12p-1.gif (862 oCg)(Fluctuation)v

Research Institute for Electronic Science, Hokkaido University, Sapporo JAPAN 
Venue: University Conference Hall 

Thursday,8 March

       9:00-9:15 Welcome Address: Kuon Inoue, Director of RIES
Opening Remarks: Tateo Shimozawa, Chair of Organizing Committee

Session 1: Multi-disciplinary Introduction to yoh12p-1.gif (862 oCg)

Chairman: Koichi Kawahara (RIES)

      9:15-955 Toshiaki Iwai (RIES, Sapporo)
gMultiple scattering of laser lighth
      9:55-10:35 Phyllis M. Gootman (SUNY Downstate Med. C., USA)
gChanges in the complexity of heart rate dynamics as a function of developmenth

Coffee break

Chairman: Tetsuo Ueda (RIES)

    10:50-11:30 Toshirou Yagi (RIES, Sapporo)
gFluctuations in solids observed by the t- and - domain spectroscopiesh
    11:30-12:10 Masataka Kinjo (RIES, Sapporo)
gFluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy in Cell Biologyh
    12:10-13:10 Photos and Lunch

Session 2: yoh12p-1.gif (862 oCg) , dissipation, and structures

Chairman: Takayoshi Nakamura (RIES)

    13:10-13:50 David Williams (Cambridge U., UK)
    13:50-14:30 Toshio Yanagida (Osaka U., Osaka)
gSingle molecule nano-bioscienceh
    14:30-15:10 Masatsugu Shimomura (RIES, Sapporo)
gMesoscopic patterning of polymers based on dissipative structuresh

Coffee break


Session 3: yoh12p-1.gif (862 oCg) as a Seed of Diversity

Chairman: Takeshi Karino (RIES)

    15:30-16:10 Tetsuya Yomo (Osaka U., Osaka)
gDevelopment of genetic informationh
    16:10-16:50 Yoshiharu Yamamoto (U. Tokyo, Tokyo)
gUse of neural noise in sensitizing human brainh
    16:50-17:30 Keith A. Nelson (MIT, USA)
gNew tools for study of spatial and temporal evolution: Spatiotemporal imaging, spatiotemporal femtosecond pulse shaping, and spatiotemporal coherent controlh
    18:00-20:00 Mixing Banquet at RIES faculty room, with Poster Presentation

Friday, 9 March

Session 4: Trans-disciplinary futurity with yoh12p-1.gif (862 oCg)

Chairman: Mamoru Tamura (RIES)

     9:00-9:40 Rupert Krautbauer (Ludwig-Maximilians U., GERMANY)
gMolecular mechanics of DNAh

Elliot Elson (Washington U., USA)

gFluorescence correlation spectroscopy measurement in microrheology of reconstituted model tissuesh

Coffee break

Chairman: Nobuhiro Ohta (RIES)

    10:35-11:15 Kizhakeyil L. Sebastian (Indian Institute of Science, INDIA)
gActivated barrier crossing by long chain molecules-A Kramers problem in infinite dimensionsh
    11:15-11:55 Tsuneyoshi Nakayama (Hokkaido U., Sapporo)
gGlasses: Dynamics at THz frequencies and belowh
    11:55-12:35 Toshiyuki Nakagaki (RIES, Sapporo)
gMaze-solving by an amoeboid organismh

Closing remarks