The Second RIES-Hokudai Symposium

yoh28.gif (972 ???)[Yoh]


   We welcome you to the RIES-Hokudai International Symposia organized by  Research Institute for Electronic Science (RIES), Hokkaido University. The first  symposium was held in December 1999, where we discussed what subjects in  the field of electronic science will be the most important in the first quarter of  the 21st century and what kinds of new fields will be created in the near future, entitled as “Electronic Science at the Millennium.”

     The Second RIES-Hokudai International Symposium will be held in Sapporo,  Japan on 8-9 March 2001. In this symposium, the subject for discussion is  symbolized by the kanji character “yoh12p-1.gif (862 ???)[Yoh]”. A single kanji character has its own meaning, and by following of hiragana or by combining another kanji we can  express a variety of actions, states, qualities, feelings, and thoughts. For  instance, “yoh12p-1.gif (862 ???)”provides derivatives such as yuragi.gif (933 ???)(fluctuation), yohdoh.gif (910 ???)(quake), yohran.gif (910 ???)(cradle), hyoh-yoh.gif (909 ???)(drift), doh-yoh.gif (912 ???)(unrest). Though these derivatives are various in meaning, they contain some particular meaning in common, originated from “yoh12p-1.gif (862 ???)”.  We expect that a single kanji keyword as well as its derivatives will remind all  participants of certain related topics in their research fields; biology, chemistry,  physics, mathematics, electronics, and so forth. Furthermore, discussion on the  mutual topics and exchange of their respective opinions will lead us to the  common meaning of “yoh12p-1.gif (862 ???)”and open the door to a new transdisciplinary field. We will invite nine overseas or domestic world-famous scientists, other than five  professors of our institute, to give lectures on topical subjects, including photon fluctuation and diffusion, quantum wave and fluctuation, single molecule mechanics and kinetics, brain and neural noises, genetic information, rhythms and harmonies in chemical and biological systems. 

     We cordially invite you to participate in the Second RIES-Hokudai International Symposium.