The 13th RIES-Hokudai International Symposium "律" [ritsu]
Joined with
The 1st International Symposium of Nano-Macro Materials, Devices, and System Research Alliance Project

December 13(Thu) and 14(Fri), 2012
CHÂTERAISÉ Gateaux Kingdom Sapporo


On behalf of the organizing committee, it is my greatest pleasure to welcome all participants of the 13th RIES-Hokudai International Symposium "律[ritsu]" joined with the 1st international Symposium of Nano-Macro Materials, Devices, and System Research Alliance Project. This symposium is organized by Research Institute for Electronic Science (RIES) of Hokkaido University (Hokudai) and co-organized by Nano-Macro Materials, Devices, and System Research Alliance, which is composed of five national university-attached institutes including RIES, Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials (Tohoku Univ.), Chemical Resources Laboratory (Tokyo Inst. Tech.), Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research(Osaka Univ.), and Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering (Kyushu Univ.).

RIES has organized a series of international symposium since 1999, and since 2001, the objective of each symposium has been symbolized by a single "Kanji" (Chinese Character). "律[ritsu]" was selected as this year's Kanji. In Japanese, the character "律" generally denotes "rule", "rhythm", "melody" and "autonomy". In the world, there are a variety of "rules" such as commands for ordering actions, laws of things, or disciplines for Buddhist monks. "Melody" means music sounds themselves or systems that organize relative relations of tone pitches. "Autonomy" is a concept found in moral, political, and bioethical philosophy. One of the best known philosophical theories of "Autonomy" was developed by Kant. "Autonomy" is also used to refer to the self-government of the people. In the field of science, "律" evokes some interesting research topics such as (1) design and creation of ordered/disordered materials, (2) search and understanding of physical laws, (3) selectivity for substrates and reactions, and (4) biological autonomy. These are strongly related to not only a variety of research fields including Optics, Molecule/Material, Life, and Mathematics, but also their boundary fields. With such an image of "律" in mind, I would like to implement interdisciplinary discussions toward a development of new science under this unified theme.

In this symposium, fifteen invited speakers will present their latest research associated with this year's topic "律" along with poster presenters from RIES and Nano-Macro Materials, Devices, and System Research Alliance. I hope that each participant has active interdisciplinary discussions and relationships during this symposium and starts collaborative research in the near future. Finally, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all the invited speakers and partcipants for joining this symposium.

Organizing Committee
Co-organizing Institute
  • Nano-Macro Materials, Devices, and System Research Alliance
    • Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials (IMRAM, Tohoku Univ.)
    • Chemical Resources Laboratory (Tokyo Inst. Tech.)
    • Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research (ISIR, Osaka Univ.)
    • Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering (Kyushu Univ.)


December 13(Thu)

12:50–13:00 Opening Remarks (Hiroaki Misawa, Director RIES)
13:00–13:05 Introductory Remarks (Keiji Sasaki, Chair Organizing Committee)

Session 1: Photo-functional Ordered Materials for Biosystems (Chair: Kuniharu Ijiro)

13:05–13:45 Yury Rakovich (University of the Basque Country)
Quantum Dots for Bioenergetics: Exploration of Energy Transfer from Nanocrystals to Photosynthetic Biological Complexes
13:45–14:15 Toru Hisabori (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Regulation of Rotation and Activity of the Molecular Motor Enzyme, ATP Synthase Governed by Photosynthesis
14:15–14:35 Tsuyoshi Fukaminato (Hokkaido University)
Photoregulation of Bio-activities Based on Photochromic Materials
14:35–14:55 Coffee Break

Session 2: Design and Creation of Advanced Photoresponsive Systems (Chair: Hideki Fujiwara)

14:55–15:35 Kyungwon An (Seoul National University)
Maximizing Light-matter Interactions in Microcavities
15:35–16:05 Shunichi Sato (Tohoku University)
Controlling Amplitude, Phase and Polarization Distribution of Light Field
16:05–16:35 Hajime Ito (Hokkaido University)
Mechanical Phase Conversion of Organometallic Crystals
16:35–16:45 Photo
16:45–18:15 Poster Session
18:30–20:30 Banquet

December 14(Fri)

Session 3: Structural and Functional Control of Metallic Nanomaterials (Chair: Kosei Ueno)

8:30–9:10 Shangjr Gwo (National Tsing Hua University)
Nanocrystal Plasmonic Superstructures Formed by Nanomanipulation and Controlled Self-Assembly
9:10–9:40 Masaharu Tsuji (Kyushu University)
Shape-controlled Syntheses of Bimetallic Core-shell Nanocrystals in Liquid Phase
9:40–10:00 Quan Sun (Hokkaido University)
Near Field of Ordered Metallic Nanoparticles Probed by Nonlinear Photoemission Electron Microscopy
10:00–10:20 Coffee Break

Session 4: Fabrication and Functions of Three-dimensional Ordered Nanostructures (Chair: Shin-ichiro Noro)

10:20–11:00 Roland A. Fischer (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)
Molecular Recognition with Metal-Organic Framework Nanostructures
11:00–11:30 Hidekazu Tanaka (Osaka University)
3 Dimensional Oxide Nano-structures: – A tool to rule strongly correlated electrons –
11:30–11:50 Hideo Kaiju (Hokkaido University)
Fabrication of Nanoscale Junctions Utilizing Thin-Film Edges and Their Current-Voltage Characteristics
11:50–13:00 Lunch

Session 5: Autonomic Functions in Brain (Chair: Tomomi Nemoto)

13:00–13:40 Shuzo Sakata (University of Strathclyde)
Internally Generated Activity and Sensory Processing in the Brain
13:40–14:10 Akihiro Yamanaka (Nagoya University)
Perturbation Using Optogenetics Affects Autonomic Regulation of Sleep/Wakefulness Cycle
14:10–14:30 Ichiro Tsuda (Hokkaido University)
A Neural Basis of "Functional Autonomy": Significance of Nonautonomous Factors
14:30–14:40 Closing Remarks (Ichiro Tsuda, Vice-director RIES)

Poster Session

  1. Fabrication of Au nanorod and split-ring arrays by reactive-monolayer-assisted thermal nanoimprint lithography involving electrodeposition, Shoichi Kubo1, Tatsuya Tomioka1, Koichi Nagase1, Morihisa Hoga2, Masaru Nakagawa1 (1: IMRAM, Tohoku Univ., 2: Dai Nippon Pronting Co., Ltd.)
  2. Nano-Coating of Carbon on Mesoporous Silica by CVD Method, Yasuto Hoshikawa, Alberto Castro-Muñiz, Hiroshi Komiyama, Takashi Kyotani (IMRAM, Tohoku Univ.)
  3. High-Sensitive Hard-X-ray Imaging Microscopy with Gratings and its Future Applications to Nano-Micro Materials, Wataru Yashiro, Atsushi Momose (IMRAM, Tohoku Univ.)
  4. Synthesis and NIR Shielding Performance of CsxWO3 Nanoparticles with Tungsten Bronze Structure by Solvothermal Reactions in Ethanol-Acetic Acid Mixed Solutions, Chongshen Guo, Shu Yin, Mei Yan, Yoshihiko Ando, Tsugio Sato (IMRAM, Tohoku Univ.)
  5. Photoresponsive Behavior of Emission Dyes-Doped LCs, Motoi Kinoshita (Chemical Resources Laboratory, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  6. Acceleration of Plasma-Induced Graft Polymerization via Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate, Hidenori Ohashi, Xueqin Chi, Takanori Tamaki, Takeo Yamaguchi (Chemical Resources Laboratory, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  7. Multifunctionality of Photochromic Organometallics, Takashi Koike, Kana Araki, Huifang Li, Takuya Ishisaka, Keiko Motoyama, Munetaka Akita (Chemical Resources Laboratory, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  8. Optical absorption spectra of dyes/TiO2 interfaces: First-principles electron dynamics simulations, Hiroyoshi Momida1, Takahisa Ohno2 (1: ISIR, Osaka Univ., 2: National Institute for Materials Science)
  9. Investigation of Radical Reaction in PEM by Means of Pulse Radiolysis and Positron, Yoshihide Honda, Sachiko Tojo (ISIR, Osaka Univ.)
  10. An Exploration System for Causal Chain in Disease Ontology, Kouji Kozaki1, Hiroko Kou1, Yuki Yamagata1, Takeshi Imai2, Kazuhiko Ohe2, Riichiro Mizoguchi3 (1: ISIR, Osaka Univ., 2: The Univ. of Tokyo, 3: Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
  11. Pulse Radiolysis Study of the Reactions of Superoxide and Nitric Oxide with Iron-Sulfur Cluster in SoxR, Mayu Fujikawa, Kazuo Kobayashi, Takahiro Kozawa (ISIR, Osaka Univ.)
  12. Supramolecular Structures and Photoelectronic Properties of Inclusion Complexes of Cyclic Porphyrin Dimers and Fullerenes, Fumito Tani (Institute of Materials Chemistry and Engineering, Kyushu Univ.)
  13. Ureido-derivatized polymers exhibiting UCST-type phase separation behavior under physiological condition, Naohiko Shimada, Arihiro Kano, Atsushi Maruyama (Institute of Materials Chemistry and Engineering, Kyushu Univ.)
  14. New Catalysts for Hydrogenation of Carboxylic Acid Derivatives, Masato Ito (Institute of Materials Chemistry and Engineering, Kyushu Univ.)
  15. Plasmonic trapping with small arrays of gold nanoblock pairs, Yoshito Tanaka, Keiji Sasaki (RIES, Hokkaido Univ.)
  16. Second harmonic generation by an efficient localized plasmon excitation via a tapered fiber-coupled microresonator, Fang Ren, Hideaki Takashima, Hideki Fujiwara, Keiji Sasaki (RIES, Hokkaido Univ.)
  17. Dispersion-tolerant quantum optical coherence tomography by broadband spontaneous parametric fluorescence, Masayuki Okano1,2, Ryo Okamoto1,2, Akira Tanaka1,2, Shanthi Subashchandran1,2, Shutaro Ishida3, Norihiko Nishizawa3, Shigeki Takeuchi1,2 (1: ISIR, Osaka Univ., 2: RIES, Hokkaido Univ., 3: Nagoya Univ.)
  18. Implementation of Quantum Controlled-SWAP operation using a photonic quantum circuit, Masato Tanida1,2, Takafumi Ono1,2, Ryo Okamoto1,2, Shigeki Takeuchi1,2 (1: RIES, Hokkaido Univ., 2: ISIR, Osaka Univ.)
  19. Development of Structure Analysis Method for Non-crystallized Sample using Focused X-ray Free Electron Laser, Takashi Kimura1, Hitoshi Kawamura1, Yasutaka Bessho2, Yasumasa Joti3, Yoshinori Nishino1 (1: RIES, Hokkaido Univ., 2: RIKEN/SPring-8, 3: JASRI/SPring-8)
  20. Time Resolved Imaging with Coherent X-ray Diffraction (TRICXD), Marcus C. Newton1, Yoshihito Tanaka2, Yoshinori Nishino1 (1: RIES, Hokkaido Univ., 2: RIKEN)
  21. Autofluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy, Takakazu Nakabayashi1, Masato Honma1, Masataka Kinjo2, Nobuhiro Ohta1 (1: RIES, Hokkaido Univ., 2: Faculty of Advanced Life Science, Hokkaido Univ.)
  22. Insulator–metal transition in organic Mott insulator induced by electric fields and photoexcitation, Toshifumi Iimori, Farzana Sabeth, Nobuhiro Ohta (RIES, Hokkaido Univ.)
  23. Electroabsorption and electrophotoluminescence spectra of pyrene in solution, Hung-Chu Chiang, Nobuhiro Ohta (RIES, Hokkaido Univ.)
  24. Photo-control of Motility of a Kinesin/Microtubule System by Photochromic ATP Analogues, Takashi Kamei, Tuyoshi Fukaminato, Nobuyuki Tamaoki (RIES, Hokkaido Univ.)
  25. Fluorescence Photoswitching Based on Photochromic pKa Changes in Aqueous Conditions, Tsuyoshi Fukaminato, Emi Tateyama, Nobuyuki Tamaoki (RIES, Hokkaido Univ.)
  26. Inorganic Semiconductor-based Multi-striped Orthogonal Photon-Photocarrier-Propagation Solar Cells, Akira Ishibashi, Takeshi Kasai, Kenji Kondo, Hideo Kaiju (RIES, Hokkaido Univ.)
  27. Magnetoresistance and Magneto-Optical Kerr Effect in Ni75Fe25 Thin Films on Polyethylene Naphthalate Organic Substrates, Hideo Kaiju1,2, Taro Abe1, Nubla Basheer1, Kenji Kondo1, Akira Ishibashi1 (1: RIES, Hokkaido Univ., 2: PRESTO, JST)
  28. Electric Field Thermopower Modulation Method, Hiromichi Ohta (RIES, Hokkaido Univ.)
  29. Perceptual rivalry in an amoeba, Seiji Takagi (RIES, Hokkaido Univ.)
  30. Fabrication of atomically flat lithium-ion conducting La2/3-xLi3xTiO3 solid electrolyte, Noriyuki Aoki1,2, Hiromichi Ohta2 (1: Nagoya Univ., 2: RIES, Hokkaido Univ.)
  31. In vivo imaging of calcium dynamics in cerebellar Purkinje cells using CAG-YC-Nano transgenic mouse, Kouichirou Iijima, Ryosuke Kawakami, Tomomi Nemoto (RIES, Hokkaido Univ.)
  32. Enhancement of penetration depth for microscopic observation in fixed mouse brain by novel optical clearing reagent, Yuka Aoyagi, Hisayuki Osanai, Ryosuke Kawakami, Tomomi Nemoto (RIES, Hokkaido Univ.)
  33. Optimization of laser illumination in two-photon microscopy for "in vivo" deep imaging in living mouse brain, Kazuaki Sawada, Ryosuke Kawakami, Tomomi Nemoto (RIES, Hokkaido Univ.)
  34. Fabrication of DNA-encapsulated Virus-like Particles Enabling Controlled Release of DNAs in Cells, Naotoshi Sugimura1, Kenichi Niikura2, Hirofumi Sawa3, Kuniharu Ijiro2 (1: Graduate School of Chemical Sciences and Engineering, Hokkaido Univ., 2: RIES, Hokkaido Univ., 3: CZC, Hokkaido Univ.)
  35. Enzymatic lift-off method using hydrolysis of DNA brush polymerized on a solid substrate, Yasunobu Suzuki1, Asumi Eguchi1, Yasutaka Matsuo2, Kenichi Niikura2, Kuniharu Ijiro2 (1: Graduate School of Chemical Sciences and Engineering, Hokkaido Univ., 2: RIES, Hokkaido Univ.)
  36. Neurons coding for odor location, Hiroshi Nishino1, Masazumi Iwasaki1,2 (1: RIES, Hokkaido Univ., 2: The Institute of Low Temperature Science, Hokkaido Univ.)
  37. Emergence of heterogeneous network modules through maximizing bi-directional information transmission, Yutaka Yamaguti (RIES, Hokkaido Univ.)
  38. Deliberative Decision Making and Transient Neural Dynamics, Yongtao Li1, Ichiro Tsuda1,2 (1: Research Center for Integrative Mathematics, Hokkaido Univ., 2: RIES, Hokkaido Univ.)
  39. Development of a novel RMCE-based transgenic system in the cricket, Takayuki Watanabe, Hitoshi Aonuma (RIES, Hokkaido Univ.)
  40. A conceptual model for visual hallucinations in dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB), Hiromichi Tsukada1, Hiroshi Fujii2, Ichiro Tsuda3,4, Kazuyuki Aihara5 (1: Graduate School of Science, Hokkaido Univ., 2: Kyoto Sangyo Univ., 3: RIES, Hokkaido Univ., 4: RCIM, Hokkaido Univ., 5: The Univ. of Tokyo)
  41. Extracting cooperative mode of water and peptide in terms of a local Green function, Hiroshi Teramoto, Mikito Toda, Tamiki Komatsuzaki (RIES, Hokkaido Univ.)
  42. Effect of Time Scales on the Essential Dimensionality of a Dynamical System, Shinnosuke Kawai, Hiroshi Teramoto, Tamiki Komatsuzaki (RIES, Hokkaido Univ.)
  43. Extracting Quasi Normally Repelling Material Surface by Re-formulating Variational Lagrangian Coherent Structure (LCS) Theory, Preetom Nag, Hiroshi Teramoto, Chun Biu Li, Tamiki Komatsuzaki (RIES, Hokkaido Univ.)
  44. Denoising Single-Molecule FRET Systems via Wavelet Shrinkage, J. Nick Taylor1, Christy F. Landes2 (1: RIES, Hokkaido Univ., 2: Rice Univ.)
  45. A Mathematical Model of Cleavage, Masakazu Akiyama, Atsushi Tero, Ryo Kobayashi (RIES, Hokkaido Univ.)
  46. A signed-distance approach to the vector-type BMO algorithm, Elliott Ginder (RIES, Hokkaido Univ.)
  47. Spontaneous Motion of an Elliptic Camphor Particle, Keita Iida1, Hiroyuki Kitahata2,3 Masaharu Nagayama4,5 (1: Kanazawa Univ., 2: Chiba Univ., 3: PRESTO, JST, 4: RIES, Hokkaido Univ., 5: CREST, JST)
  48. Mathematical model and the stability measure for epidermal structures, Yusuke Sawabu, Yasuaki Kobayashi, Masaharu Nagayama (RIES, Hokkaido Univ.)
  49. Plasmon-Molecule Strong Coupling in a Hybrid System of Silver Nanostructures and Phthalocyanine Molecules, Hiyori Uehara1, Kosei Ueno1,2, Hiroaki Misawa1 (1: RIES, Hokkaido Univ., 2: PRESTO, JST)
  50. Plasmon-Enhanced Photocurrent Generation and Water Oxidation with Gold Nanoislands-Loaded Titanium Dioxide Electrode, Xu Shi1, Kosei Ueno1,2, Hiroaki Misawa1 (1: RIES, Hokkaido Univ., 2: PRESTO, JST)
  51. Evaluation of demolding force and deformation of glass for imprint process, Hiroshi Ikeda, Haruya Kasa, Hiroaki Nishiyama, Junji Nishii (RIES, Hokkaido Univ.)
  52. Femtosecond laser-induced metal precipitation on plasmonic gratings, Shintaro Okamoto, Hiroaki Nishiyama, Junji Nishii (RIES, Hokkaido Univ.)
  53. Micro-actuated plasmonic metal gratings on PDMS diaphragms, Chihiro Shibata, Hiroaki Nishiyama, Junji Nishii (RIES, Hokkaido Univ.)
  54. Evaluating charge-transfer rate in a quantum dot based on single photon correlation measurements, Hidekazu Kumano, Hideaki Nakajima, Satoru Odashima, Ikuo Suemune (RIES, Hokkaido Univ.)
  55. Fiber-based bidirectional extraction from a single photon emitter, Hirotaka Sasakura, Xiangming Liu, Satoru Odashima, Hidekazu Kumano, Ikuo Suemune (RIES, Hokkaido Univ.)
  56. InAs quantum dots grown on InP(311)B for the realization of single quantum dot emission in telecommunication band, Nahid A. Jahan1,2, Xiangming Liu1, Kouichi Akahane3, Masahide Sasaki3, Hidekazu Kumano1, Ikuo Suemune1 (1: RIES, Hokkaido Univ., 2: Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Hokkaido Univ., 3: National Institute of Information and Communications Technology)
  57. Fabrication and evaluation of surface-flattened metal-embedded semiconductor cone structures, Tomoya Asano, Satoru Odashima, Nagisa Ishihara, Ikuo Suemune (RIES, Hokkaido Univ.)
  58. Fabrication of the dodecagonal metal slit pattern for angle controlled lateral electric field to semiconductor quantum dots, Satoru Odashima, Yosuke Negishi, Hideaki Nakajima, Ikuo Suemune (RIES, Hokkaido Univ.)
  59. Formation for creation of molecular rotator in (2-aminoanilinium)(crown ether)[PMo12O40] salt, Daigoro Endo1, Tomoyuki Akutagawa2, Kazuya Kubo1, Shin-ichiro Noro1, Takayoshi Nakamura1 (1: RIES, Hokkaido Univ., 2: IMRAM, Tohoku Univ.)
  60. Crystal Structure and Physical Properties of (m-fluoroanilinium)(dicyclohexano[18]crown-6)[Ni(dmit)2], Yu Ohshima1, Kazuya Kubo1,2, Shin-ichiro Noro1,2, Tomoyuki Akutagawa3, Takayoshi Nakamura1,2 (1: Graduate School of Environmental Science, Hokkaido Univ., 2: RIES, Hokkaido Univ., 3: IMRAM, Tohoku Univ.)
  61. Synthesis and Properties of Two-Dimensional Layered Copper Hydroxides with Fluorinated Anions, Yuichi Muto1, Shin-ichiro Noro1,2,3, Kazuya Kubo1,2, Takayoshi Nakamura1,2 (1: Graduate School of Environmental Science, Hokkaido Univ., 2: RIES, Hokkaido Univ., 3: PRESTO, JST)
  62. Spectroscopic properties of gold curvilinear nanostructures, Yukie Yokota1, Takuo Tanaka1,2 (1: RIKEN, 2: RIES, Hokkaido Univ.)
  63. Infrared-induced structural change of a single protein probed by a cofactor pigment at a binding site, Kohei Otomo1,2, Takehisa Dewa3, Michio Matsushita2, Satoru Fujiyoshi2 (1: RIES, Hokkaido Univ., 2: Tokyo Institute of Technology, 3: Nagoya Institute of Technology)
  64. Annual Activity Report at Nikon Imaging Center, Kentarou Kobayashi, Kohei Otomo, Yasutaka Matsuo, Tomomi Nemoto (RIES, Hokkaido Univ.)
  65. Nanotechnology Platform and Low-Carbon research Network project in Hokkaido University, Yasutaka Matsuo, Keiji Sasaki, Hiroaki Misawa (RIES, Hokkaido Univ.)