● For oral presenters (Keynote & Invited speakers):

• Please bring your own PC. You can also use our spare Windows or MAC PC if you bring your presentation data.
• HDMI and USB-C terminals can be used.
• The recommended slide size is 16:9.

• The time allotted for the Q&A session will be as follows according to the allotted presentation time.

- Keynote speaker with 60 mins: 10 mins
- Invited speakers with 40 mins: 5 mins
- Invited speakers with 30 mins: 5 mins
- Invited speakers with 20 mins: 3 mins

● For poster presenters:

1) How to make and size posters

• Please make your poster in English.
• The poster size should be around 85 cm (width) X 120 cm

2) Posting of Posters

• Please post your poster on the panel with your poster number. Poster numbers (P1, P2, P3...) will be provided in the panel's upper left corner.
• The poster must be pinned to the panel. Pins are available at the venue.
• Posters are encouraged to be displayed posted between 1pm and 4pm on December 6 so that they will be available for viewing before the poster session starting from 5 pm.

3) Removal of posters
• Please remove your poster by yourself after the poster session.
• Posters that have yet to be removed by the end of the poster session may be discarded by the staff.

This symposium is a joint event with the 8th International Symposium of
Crossover Alliance to Create the Future with People, Intelligence and Materials (Five-Star Alliance)
and 5+2 International Joint Symposium, and it is partially linked to the Network Joint Research Center (NJRC) for Materials and Devices.