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December 2016

German Christmas Market in Sapporo



This picture was taken at the German Christmas Market held at Odori Park in Sapporo.  




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September 2016 - Going Away Party

Thank you, Prof. Johan Hofkens! We look forward to seeing you back at Hokkaido University.  






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August 2016 - Back in Europe

Beautiful Campus Photos from University of Leuven  


Oh my! Belgian Beers.



International Conference on Mallorca Island, Spain


Prof. Hiroshi Ujii is going to give a lecture at the Plenary Session.

Hiroshi is invited as a plenary lecturer at the 12th International Conference on Cellular and Molecular Biology, Biophysics and Bioengineering on Mallorca Island in Spain.




July 2016 - Professor Johan Hofkens joined us.

Snapshots from a classroom

Professor Uji-i's class "Nanomaterials" for graduate students  
Professor Hofkens gave a lecture on the day.  


Of course, we threw a party for him!

Professor Hiroshi Uji-i and Professor Johan Hofkens posed for a snapshot while preparing Okonomiyaki!  
A big feast! Hiroshi cooked great Okonomiyaki for the guests.  
Being silly with kids. Thank you, Johan, for wearing the silly hat.  
Still feasting.  


"The Idea Seminar"

Professor Hofkens gave a speech at the seminar.  


"Beer Garden" Japanese style outdoor beer pub



Tomoko joins in this shot.  
Many beer toasts!  

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February 2016 - Snow

A beautiful snow-scape. The campus of Hokkaido University taken by Tomoko.  


Tomoko standing in front of the main gate of Hokkaido University.  
A snow sculpture at the main gate of Hokkaido University.  


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December 2015 - Welcome Party

A big smile in Tomoko's face. Of course, she has a whole chocolate cake in front of her!  


Hiroshi is cooking Okonomiyaki, Osaka style savory pancake. Delicious!  
Students who study with Hiroshi and Tomoko.  
Hiroshi (left) and Tomoko (right).  
This shows the entire team!  


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November 2015 - The 16th Hokkaido University International Symposium

From right: Hiroshi, Beatrice, Yasuhiko and Tomoko. Both Beatrice and Yasuhiko are visiting from University of Leuven in Belgium.  


Tomoko and Beatrice  




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