Applied Materials Science

Engineering School, Undergraduates
Monday 3 & 4, Fall Quarter 2016 

In this series, students will learn about the basic characters of electronic materials such as conductors, inductors and magnetic materials as well as deepen understanding in physical and electronic mechanism derived from each characteristic of electronic material. Simultaneously functions and usages of the currently available electronic devices and accessories will be discussed; what characteristics are utilized and how they are applied.

  This class is to be offered only in Japanese.



Archive of Past Classes

Summer Quater 2016

Applied Optics

Engineering School, Undergraduates
 Friday 1 & 2, Summer Quarter 2016 

In this class, students will learn on the basics of optical science and optical technology, which are necessary in mechanical engineering, bio-science and nanotechnology. Understand what lights are and the mechanism of how a ray of light moves forward in a medium. Basic characteristics of lens and optical devices will be refereed. Technologies regarding interferometer and optic microscope are to be explained as well. Applications of optical technology in each industry will be discussed.

  This class is to be offered only in Japanese.



Graduate school of Information Science and Technology
Intensive course, Summer Quarter 2016 

Nanomaterials are one of the hottest topics in a wide range of scientific and industrial fields, such as biotechnology, medicine, chemistry, catalysis, sensing and so on.  Human bing has been taking advantages with unique properties of nanomaterials since the ancient time.  Roman glasses (e.g. Lycurgus cup) and stained glasses contain metal nanoparticles, which are the sources of their beautiful colors.  In this series of lectures, we will learn the unique properties of nanomaterial which are considerably different from bulk materials. At the end of the series we discuss many applications in the various fields. 



Uji-i Laboratory - Nanomterials and Nanoscopy
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