The 23rd RIES-HOKUDAI International Symposium


On behalf of the organizing committee of the 23rd RIES-HOKUDAI International Symposium, I am honored to invite and welcome you to this multidisciplinary, as well as interdisciplinary, symposium from 5 to 6 December 2022. Your participation, presentation, and discussion are indispensable for the success of the Symposium. Research Institute for Electronic Science (RIES), enjoying the 30th anniversary this year, had started its voyage as “Research Institute of Ultrashort Waves” in 1943 (this fiscal year is its 80th anniversary, also). RIES is now aiming to develop new interdisciplinary fields by conducting diverse research and education programs, including optical science, materials science, life science, and mathematical science. To promote the multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary programs, we organize the RIES-HOKUDAI International Symposium every year.

Thus, the RIES-HOKUDAI International Symposium has been held annually in December since 1999. It is our tradition to select a Chinese character (Kanji) for, in a sense, unifying the multidisciplinary Symposium. The Kanji selected for the 2022 Symposium is “拓” (Taku), meaning ‘open up frontiers’ or ‘cultivate a new land’.

Due to Covid-19 outbreak, last two symposiums were held online, but this year we are holding the 23rd RIES-HOKUDAI International Symposium as a hybrid symposium so that we can enjoy the face-to-face Q&A’s as well as on-line discussions worldwide. I hope this hybrid Symposium on ”拓” will help us know the state-of-the-art technologies and current research frontiers.

We are pleased to support as many participants as possible by offering free-of-charge registrations and participations. I would like you to join the hybrid Symposium, present your R&D outcomes, and actively participate in Q&A’s and discussions. I am looking forward to having you all in the Symposium.

On behalf of the Symposium organizing committee
The 23rd RIES-HOKUDAI International Symposium “拓”

Akira Ishibashi
Chairman, the 23rd RIES-HOKUDAI International Symposium
Professor, Research Institute for Electronic Science
Hokkaido University