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Tutorial (The 3rd Workshop on Functional Materials Science)

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Event Date December 17, 2019
Venue 1F Conference Room, RIES, Hokkaido University
Lecturer Dr. Ho Nyung Lee (Director of the Materials Science and Engineering Program, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA)
Title Oxygen vacancy in complex oxides – The good, the bad, and the ugly
Abstract Functional ionic defects, such as oxygen vacancies, play a central role in the performance of many advanced information and energy materials. While of immediate benefit for low temperature energy production and storage devices and sensors, the ability to artificially control oxygen vacancy content in any environment is also crucial for variety of functional materials, such as high-temperature superconductors, colossal magnetoresistors, memristors, and spintronic devices. On the other hand, for some of functional materials, such as ferroelectrics, the formation of oxygen vacancies is highly detrimental for the performance and endurance of the ferroelectric polarization. However, achieving deliberate control of the oxygen stoichiometry in the oxide thin films has not been much studied, albite critical for the performance. In this presentation, I will review a synopsis of the major developments and achievements in formation, control, and understanding of oxygen vacancies in correlated oxides. Overall, these results summarize the role, importance, and difficulty in film growth for the right stoichiometry as well as potential for developing next generation energy and functional materials.
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