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Director Room

IJIRO Kuniharu


OHTA Hiromichi

ProfessorDeputy Director
Research Support Assistant SASAKI Ayano

Photonics and Optical Science

Laboratory of Photo-System Physics

Fellow YAMADA Miwa

Loboratory of Nanomaterials and Nanoscopy

Technical Assistant TAKEDA Rie
Administrative Assistant ISHIDE Kikuyo

Laboratory of Coherent X-ray Optics

Fellow NIIDA Yoshiya
Administrative Assistant ISHINO Matsumi

Material and Molecular Sciences

Laboratory of Molecular Photonics

(JSPS Postdoctoral fellow) OKAMOTO Takuya
Administrative Assistant FUJII Atsuko

Laboratory of Smart Molecules

Laboratory of Nanostructure Physics

Administrative Assistant ISHIDA Mami

Laboratory of Functional Thin Film Materials

Post-Doctoral Fellow ZHANG Xi
Administrative Assistant OZAKI Mamiko

Biology and Life Sciences

Laboratory of Information Biophotonics

Administrative Assistant FUJIWARA Yumie

Laboratory of Molecular Device

Technical Assistant TAKEUCHI Chie
Administrative Assistant OKUHARA Aki
Administrative Assistant ISHIDA Mami

Cooperative Research

Laboratory of Social Cooperation Advisory

Guest Professor MURAMATSU Atsushi
Guest Professor KAWAKAMI Nobuaki
Guest Professor KAWAI Maki

Laboratory of Joint Research and Dynamic Alliance

Guest Professor ODA Yoshihisa
Guest Professor NEMOTO Tomomi

Laboratory of New-paradigm computing

Guest Professor YAMAOKA Masanao
Guest Professor TAKEMOTO Takashi
Guest Professor MINATO Shin-ichi

Collaboration with the Center for Human Nature, Artificial Intelligence, and Neuroscience

(concurrent position)Associate Professor IIZUKA Hiroyuki
(concurrent position)(Specially Appointed) Associate Professor YOSHIDA Masatoshi
(concurrent position)(Specially Appointed) Associate Professor SHIMAZAKI Hideaki
(concurrent position)(Specially Appointed) Lecturer MIYAHARA Katsunori

Joint Research and Education Center with College of Science, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (Taiwan)

Guest Professor Yaw-Kuen Li
Guest Professor Yuan-Pern Lee
Guest Professor Chain-Shu Hsu
Guest Professor Jiunn-Yuan Lin
Guest Professor Jiun-Tai Chen
Guest Professor Yu-Miin Sheu

Green Nanotechnology Research Center

Director MATSUO Yasutaka

Laboratory of Exotic Reaction Field

Post-Doctoral Fellow Yocefu Hattori
Fellow YAMAGUCHI Yumiko

Laboratory of Nanostructured Functional Materials

Post-Doctoral Fellow IWASAKI Suguru
Technical Assistant SAWAMOTO Masae
Administrative Assistant URATA Emi

Laboratory of Functional Nanomolecular Materials

Part-time Research Fellow Li Simin
Administrative Assistant KATO Mariko

Research Center of Mathematics for Social Creativity

Director NAGAYAMA Masaharu

Laboratory of Mathematical Modeling

Post-Doctoral Fellow NAKAYAMA Madoka
Technical Assistant DOMAE Mana
Technical Assistant TOMISAWA Yukari
Technical Assistant KOIZUMI Yoshiko

Laboratory of Molecule & Life Nonlinear Sciences

Fellow Hossain Md Motaleb
Administrative Assistant KOIDA Matsue

Laboratory of Mathematical and Physical Ethology

Administrative Assistant KOMIYA Riku
Administrative Assistant IWASHITA Rika

Laboratory of Experimental Mathematics

Guest Professor YAMAOKA Masanao
Guest Professor TAKEMOTO Takashi
Guest Professor MINATO Shin-ichi

Co-creative Research Support Department

Director MATSUO Yasutaka

Nikon Imaging Center

Guest Professor NEMOTO Tomomi

Promotion Office for International Alliance

Promotion Office for Nanotechnology Collaboration

Fellow YAMAZAKI Ayano
Secretary FUKUMOTO Ai

Division of Technical Staffs

System/Equipment Development Team Leader(coordinator) TAKEI Masashi
Nanofabrication/Imaging Analysis Team Leader(coordinator) KOBAYASHI Kentaro

System/Equipment Development Team

Nanofabrication/Imaging Analysis Team

Nanofabrication Group Chief ONISHI Ko
Optical Microscope Analysis Group Chief KOBAYASHI Kentaro
(additional post) NAKANO Wakako
Electronic Microscope Analysis Group Chief HIRAI Naomi
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