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RIES Academic Lecture (Prof. Malcolm Kadodwala)

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Event Date:
Date and Time April 18, 2024, 16:30–17:30
Location Ground Floor Conference Room, Research Institute for Electronic Science
Speaker Prof. Malcolm Kadodwala
University of Glasgow, United Kingdom
Title Harnessing Chiral Light for Biodetection and Nanomaterial Manipulation
Abstract Light with angular momentum, either in the form of spin (circularly polarized light) or orbital angular momentum (Laguerre-Gaussian beams), possesses an inherent “twist” and exhibits chirality. This talk will explore how maximizing the interaction between these chiral light beams and inherently chiral biomolecules can pave the way for ultrasensitive technologies in biodetection and biocharacterization. Furthermore, we will discuss how the intrinsic angular momentum of chiral light beams can be utilized to manipulate the properties of nanomaterials.
Contact Laboratory of Nanosystem Optical Manipulation, Department of Photonics and Optical Science,Research Institute for Electronic Science, Hokkaido University
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